The Artist

Dido Roggatz

My career as an artist actually began far earlier than the diploma at the academy of arts, Maastricht, Netherlands in 1992 [curriculum further down]:

I remember this blissful moment as a four or five year old girl having painted a warm dark blue over a bright and cold blue.

This moment of freedom beyond any conceptional limitations is the moment I seek in my artwork. I seek for it with colour again and again but in the end it is not about colour, it’s about freedom.

This longing for freedom of thinking in limiting categories, clinging to all times difficulties and absolute claims of holding the truth I wanted to correlate through diving into colour and enchanted spaces. In the beginning I worked mainly by room specific installations, moved then within colour fields on smaller and larger canvasses and finally directly painted onto brick walls. So I called this development ‘artist wall’ and gave it an own website, which you see here.

The physical space transforms into a think tank. The painting is just part of the artistic installation or intervention in the personal living sphere.

A short curriculum:

1965 Born in Erkelenz/Germany
1987–92 Art school: Akademy Maastricht/Netherlands
1990–91 Five month art exchange in Japan within main study
1992 Summer akademy with Leiko Ikemura, Aachen
1992 Working as visual artist Focus onto Colour spaces through painting and installation
1997–2001 Study of asian philosophy, New York/ USA
2004-now Living in Berlin

Solo exhibitions:

07.1992 ‘Impressions of cultures’, Künstlerhaus Süsterfeld, Aachen
09.1993 ‘In the end everything is energy’, BiPi’s Galerie, Köln
09.1994 ‘If sound and sence is gone, what do you hear?’, Park Galerie, Hoorn/NL
10.1994 ‘Works on paper’, Merz-Galerie, Wuppertal
04.1995 ‘Don’t drive mothers mad’, Conradus, Aachen
10.1996 ‘After the Hurricane’, Lee Hansley Gallery, Raleigh/USA
11.1996 ‘Contact’, Künstlerhaus-Galerie in Raleigh/USA
02.2003 ‘One Way’, Galerie Eigenwerk, Aachen
11.2003 ‘The Colour Red’, Altes Kurhaus, Aachen
03.2009 ‘The sincereness of colourful butterfly fishes’, Quasimodo, Berlin
08.2010 ‘Lausitzer 26′, Lausitzer Str. 26, Berlin
03.2011 ‘Flash of colours’, SpendenManufaktur, Berlin
03.2012 ‘Anna and Paul – simply colour’, artists in (e)motion, Berlin
12.2012 ‘You and colour, colour and you’, Berlin Art Immobilien, Berlin
09.2014 ‘Hundred Waters in Boitzenburg’, former co-op in Boitzenburg|Uckermark
05.2015 ‘A story of blue’, Florentine, Berlin
01.2016 ‘Just diving in’, Lettrétage, Berlin
11.2016 ‘let:go’, Gallery Kunst am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin
07.2017 ‘36th meeting of artists at Matznicks’, dialogue with Erik Anderson, Berlin

Many partner- and group exhibitions, enhancing intercultural, interdisciplinary dialogue in Europe, Asia, USA and Togo. The last one took again place in Berlin, at freiraum 21.

Event organisation, ‘art and culture’ [choice]:

1991 Japaneese Dance Theater Yuriko Uno in Zürich/ Switzerland
1992 ‘Confrontations’ of japaneese and german art, Aachen
1994 Dance Theater Claviculae in Aula Carolina, Aachen
1995 Japaneese Dance Theater Yuriko Uno, Aachen
1995 One month impuls workshop Ergotherapy-school, Düren
1996–97 Teaching art at North Carolina State University, USA
Since 2004 Organisation of intercultural Dialogue, Berlin
Since 2011 Teaching art at schools of social pedagogy
10.2017 Interdisciplinary event: Dialogue with and in nature, Uckermark