Portraits of People and Situations

The dialogue with men, space and our surroundings is a relevant impulse within the transfer to a non-conceptual colour space.

Often, my earlier works were a portrait, either of a person or a situation.

The portrait of a person is not figurative but an abstract view made by mere colour. I represents not the outer appearance rather then the assumed inner atmosphere. So the following work ‘The young Lady and the Sea’ [1,20m width*2m heigth] gives the impression of the emotional impact of the spaciousnes of the sea.

Morgenrot und Abendsilber
Morgenrot und Abendsilber The Mountain, studio Young Lady and the Sea, photograph Young Lady and the Sea, painting Morgensonne Mathilda Erdbeerfröschchen Blick ins Büro Büroalltag Sommer im Büro