Colour Spaces

In january 2016, there was an exhibition for just one night, just diving in.

Tones of colours and sounds, danced, sung, spoken and bathed,

with the idea of giving the opportunity for recipients and artists [next to these visual works there was dance, music and literacy ] to dive into the moment.

The setting was created by me, as the installation-artist, turning space by her colour works into a new ‘mind’-space.

Instead of outwards-orientation new mind spaces: Going beyond or clarifying concepts by concentration merely onto an immediate perception of colour.

The fourth photo shows an improvised arrangement of ‘the hidden colour’. Alltogether it is 2,65m [width] * 2,60 [length]. The work was done right after having visited the mill, producing the pigments I use since more than 10 years.

The sixth image is the result of a work process with two musicians. During the sounds of saxophone, violine and other instruments a colour work was developed. The process was also a reaction onto the place and in return has put a new impuls to it.

Photo no. 10 is an impression of an office, being newly empowered by the works ‘garage after work’ and ‘flying sheep’.

The year before there was an installation at ‘Florentine’ in Dahlem, Berlin. So, with the last six you get a few impressions of a few colour stories in blue.

01_just diving in, invitation
01_just diving in, invitation 01w_versteckte-farbe-ausstellung 02w_versteckte-farbe-ausstellungsansicht hidden colour 06w_gedankenblitze 03w_untersuchung-der-wirkung 05w_wannsee-am-abend-web 08_garage after work 09_flying sheep 10_new space with sheep and garage 20w_sieben-toechter-des-himmels 11_Venice 12_sunday morning sky above berlin The young lady and the sea blue moon New flashing thoughts Small blue