From canvas to colour-spaces

An impression of the workflow of 2014. The first photos show the colourspaces on canvas at the size of 1,10m*1,10m. Most of my canvases have a minimum size of about one meter. Through their reduction onto mere colour they are supposed to create a space to dive into. The works are created with high-quality pigments, being bound with acryl.

The studios garden kept its art, the rest of the works went back to be stored after being presented 2014 in Boitzenburg| Uckermark, in freiraum 21| Berlin and during ‘St. Nicholas open studio’.

During the soloexhibition in Boitzenburg in fall one could dive into the spaces of colour, since – through the lofty situation of the former ‘consum’ – they could give enough opportunities for ones own explorations of thoughts and feelings. The following photos give an idea of the exhibitions atmosphere.

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Herring and other fishes
Herring and other fishes Do you see the rendeer Garden art art and nature box of oranges box of oranges, detail storage of art The heaven above Berlin Sunstorm Eva_m Summer Peter and the wolf 'buena vista social club' nothing except colour, canvas and space pumpkin soup and other delightfulness Still Anna, my niece