Installation and intervention through colour

Striving to experience the creative transition not only inside an ‘art space’ I searched for and found contemplative spheres in nature.

flash back: ‘letting:go’, my exhibition took place in Berlin-Mitte, noveber 2016. Some impressions of the installation in the gallery follow the art-outdoor-trip.

As I mentioned before, as installation artist I utilize the focus onto colour in order to transfer the experience of a space into a ‘new-thinking-space’. Yes, these works on canvas are allready colour spaces but they are utilized for this transitional installation. That’s important, not the colour itself. Letting:go as a matter of diving into new experiences of ones own thoughts.

02w_Februar 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10_let go 11_at the gallery 12 13_How can a hippo get onto a roller coaster 14 29web_farb-undtonklaenge 30web_buena-vista