Z, the third Dimension

It is not not only black and white, not only the two dimensions of x and y, there are more subtle tones, which lie in between and create the real ‘space’ of life, like the third dimension z. It can lead to wellbeing as well as to uncomfortable situations, to inspiring harmony and to sad boredom. Warm colours are red, orange and the reddish yellow of a sunflower or the violet having a red hue. Cold colours are blue, pure green, lime-coloured yellow and the blue violet. Just the pure yellow is neutral, not warm and not cold. But a slight amount of red or blue lets it turn into warm or cold, a quite flexible state but also fragile. Also the other colours can be warmed up or cooled down. But be careful, they might turn into dull colours having no brilliance anymore. There are pigments which have already this interesting subtle movement into the other temperature. The is a ultramarine with a red hue or a dark red dye having a natural blue tendency. It makes the colour elegant but not aggressive, still having a vivid appearance. The z-dimension.