Yin and Yang

There are many theories of explanation why, what and how things function. One of it is the complementary pair of yin and yang. Together they are one whole. One could also create pairs of warm and cold, day and night, man and woman or just an imagery of a balanced scale. Having the same chinese origin there are theories of energy-flows in the human body. This knowledge is used for ‘acupuncture’ in order to balance the different forces in the body. Taking this theory further one could utilize ‘feng shui’ within the surroundings of the human body. It is meant to support the wellbeing through structuring a place regarding its relationship with its users and the world around it. It’s a complex system, coming from a specific cultural realm, with a specific climate and having organized a specific colour to each of the five energies. It is quite interesting to observe its effects in other cultures and climates, to compare it with ones own intuitive ways of designing living spaces.